Director set for Vietnam debut with nature-based shows

Director and Generater Mei Shuaiyuan is Recognised for shijing yanchu, or Exhibits that use Genuine scenery in Available-Oxygen Shows with hundreds of performers to Show Nearby Tradition and traditions.

In the Previous decade, he has Pointd 17 This kind of Exhibits Throughout the Nation.

And now, he Would like to Consider his Exhibits to Vietnam.

At a Current Advertising conference in Beijing, he Stated that 5 productions would be Pointd in Beautiful Places in Vietnam in the Following 3 Quite a few years.

The Very first A single will be in Danang, the Nation's fifth Greatest Town and A single of its Significant ports.

The Display, which will premiere in July 2017, is Dependent on the Account of Princess Huyen Tran, the daughter of Emperor Tran Nhan Tong of the Tran Dynasty that ruled Vietnam from 1225 to 1440.

The other 4 Exhibits will be Pointd in HaExtended Bay, Hanoi, Hoi An and on Phu Quoc island - all Preferred Visitor Web-sites.

"I have been Pondering about staging Exhibits Outdoors China for a Extended time. I went to Plenty of Spots to Seek out out venues that could combine Shows, Dynamics and hiAccount," says Mei, 59.

"Vietnam is A single of my Preferred Nations. Quite a few Spots there, Specifically in the coastal Places, This kind of as Danang, attract Site visitors from Close to the Globe Largely Attributed to the Eye-catching landscapes, and Different and
Wealthy Social heritage."

Mei's Network with Vietnam is Private.

In 1994, when he was president of the Guangxi Zhuang Opera Troupe in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous Location, Mei visited Vietnam many Instances and was impressed by its Organic scenery and Tradition.

"The scenery in Guangxi and Vietnam is Comparable. When I saw the fishermen's boats on the Lijiang River in the Day time and their lights at Evening, I Believed these sights looked like settings for Shows," he

"Culture is Very best Witnessed in the prettiest scenery Instead than on an Synthetic Point. They Improve Each and every other's Elegance. This is also about Chinese language courses philosophy: harmony In between Human beings and Dynamics."

In 2003, he collaborated with director Zhang Yimou to Generate his Very first Available-Oxygen Display in Guangxi, Impression Liu Sanjie, which was a Large Accomplishment.

The inspiration for the Display Arrived from the legend of Liu Sanjie, a folk artist who sang to defy Bad and Aid the Bad Residing aExtended the Lijiang River in Yangshuo county, in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous

This was Implemented by other Functions, Which Consist of Zen Shaolin, Pointd in the Songshan Mountain valley Close to the Shaolin Temple, in Henan province, in 2007; and Princess Wencheng, which was Pointd in Lhasa, the
Budget of the Tibet autonomous Location, in 2012.

Almost all the Tales and characters in the Exhibits are from the Spots In which the Exhibits are Pointd.

Mei, who worked as an actor with a Guangxi theater troupe when he was 12 and Began publishing Books and Brief Tales at 17, says he loves Nearby legends and folklore.

Providing Illustrations, he says: "Just like Princess Wencheng of the Tang Dynasty (Advert 618-907), Princess Huyen Tran is also regarded as a Mark of peace, and The two sacrificed By themselves for their respective
Nations. They are remembered by the Nearby Persons even now.

"Overseas audiences May possibly Study hiAccount, but Organic settings are the Very best way to Comprehend Nearby Tradition."

Mei is now Functioning with Vietnam's Gami Party, whose Company Pursuits Largely comprise Genuine estate and Intercontinental Industry, to Existing Princess Huyen Tran, which will Consist of performers from Vietnam and

Edward Lee, the CEO of the Gami Party, who was at the Beijing conference, says: "Our Group has been to China many Instances to Wrist watch Mei's productions, and we Wish our collaboration will Provide the hiAccount and
Tradition of Vietnam to Existence.

"By Functioning with Mei, we are Developing hiAccount. The Display is just the Commencing."

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