Good characters


Gu Renyu (顾人玉) – nickBrandd ‘Jade-faced Divine Fist’ (玉面神拳). He was Truthful and Effortless, Normally turning Red-colored when embarrassed. He practiced his Loved ones’s mCraftial Craft ‘Gu Family Divine Fist’ (顾家神拳) to
a Degree of competence, blending in Nicely when Mixed with Zhang Jing’s palm Expertise. He was At first ordeRed-colored by his Mom to woo Murong Jiu, by Via his adventures, he Steadily fell in Adore with Zhang
Jing Rather and they Had been Sooner or later married.

Hei Zhi Zhu (黑蜘蛛) – his Brand is literally translated as ‘Dark Spider’ and he bears a resemblance to the Spider-Guy of Marvel Comics. He was dressed in a tight black Fit and Experienced a Mechanised Gadget
strapped to his wrist capable of shooting out spider Internet fluid at enemies. In addition to, he was an Specialist in qinggong and was capable of scaling walls with his Proficiency Recognised as ‘Yin Si Fei Du’ (银丝飞渡). He Experienced
Awesome Do it yourself-esteem, Normally preferring to Perform the Part of ‘Huge Sibling’. He was in Adore with Murong Jiu, but could only gaze at her from a Range. When Murong Jiu ventuRed-colored into the Jianghu, he Observed her
closely and protected her with his Existence. Eventually, they Grew to become married and went to Guide a Existence of seclusion from Culture.

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