Huang Yi, a Chinese writer of wuxia novels.

 Huang Yi, a Chinese writer of wuxia novels.

Huang Zuciang (Chinese language program: 黄易) (Penname Huang An/Huang Yi) is a Chinese language program Author of wuxia Books. He graduated from the Division of Good Crafts of the Chinese language program College of Hong Kong and After Functioned as the
Assistant Chairperson of Hong Kong Museum of Craft.

In the 1990s, Soon after the golden age of wuxia literature, wuxia literature was Progressively Below Assault by the Basic Community and was Dropping its Prior aura. Nonetheless, the emergence of Huang Yi infused new
LifeDesign into the wuxia genre.

From Lethal Weapons of Adore and Interest (Chinese language program: 覆雨翻云) to A Action Into The Previous (Chinese language program: 寻秦记) and to the now Common Twin of Bros (Chinese language program: 大唐双龙传), Huang Yi has Mixed science fiction with
Conventional Chinese language program Way of life (metaphysics, philosophy, And so forth) to Produce a new Design of Function. At present, his Commonity has resulted in some Men and women describing this phenomenon as flurry of Huang sweeping Via

Upon Realization of his longest novel, Da Tang Shuang Prolonged Zhuan (Twins of Bros), Huang Yi has commented that he would like to Adhere to in the footstep of Jin Yong and to revise and Enhance his Introduced

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