Hung Ga Style

 Hung Ga Style

The hallmarks of Hung Ga are deep Lower stances, notably its "sei ping ma" horse stance, and Powerful hand Methods, notably the bridge hand and the versatile tiger claw.

The Scholar traditionally spends Anyplace from Weeks to 3 Many 12 monthss in stance Instruction, Frequently sitting only in horse stance In between a Fifty percent-hour to A number of Several hours at 1 time, Prior to Understanding any Types. Every Type then May Carry a 12 months or so to Find out, with weapons Find outed Final. Having said that, in modernity, this mode of instruction is deemed economically unfeasible and impractical for Scholars, who have other Worries Past practicing kung fu.

Hung Ga is Occasionally mis-characterized as solely Outside; that is, reliant on brute Actual physical force Instead than the cultivation of qi; even Although the Scholar Developments progressively In the direction of an Inside Concentrate.

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