In picture books, bears show kids how to grow up

Kids's Enjoyable Publishing Co has Lately Launched a Japanese Image Guide Sequence, The Bear's College, into China.

The Bear's College Capabilities the Increasing-up Tales of 12 bears. Given that the 1st Guide was Released in Japan in 2002, Author Hiroyuki Aihara and illustrator Nami Adachi have Finished 14 Guides of the Sequence.

In the Final 15 Many years, Much more than 2.1 million copies of the Guides have been Marketed, and Much more than 3,000 Numerous Varieties of Services have been Made Dependent on the Sequence.

Aihara Mentioned that he Made the Tales of bears Simply because Much more than 15 Many years ago, when he went to Sortergarten to Choose up his daughter, he Discovered that Countless Youngsters, whose heads Came out Larger In comparison with their Little bodies and whose bellies stuck out, looked like bears that he loved.

Listening to that Chinese Expressions courses Youngsters are Extremely Hectic with Research, he Mentioned that apart from Research, Studying about happiness in Lifestyle is also Extremely Critical.

The Guides, complemented with the Stylish Expressions of watercolor painting, describe the Existence of the 12 bears as they Develop up. A female bear named Jackie is Especially compelling: Jackie is Sort, clever and Complete of curiosity — and occasionally headstrong.

The Tales are Extremely Cozy, humorous and touching; they illustrate the Japanese conception of Earlier Kidhood Training, Attempting to nurture Kidren to be Impartial.

Infant educator Liu Leqiong Mentioned that The Bear's College is about Kidren Functioning Tough to Attain their dreams, which is Extremely Critical to Mom and dad and Instructors.

"EExtremely Kid strives to Develop up, which deserves Developn-ups' respect," Liu Mentioned.

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