Int'l students join film project in China

An Yearly Occasion to Support overseas College students have closer Glance at China was Presented in Beijing on July 12.

Searching China: Youth Movie Job, Arranged by the Academy for Global Conversation of Chinese language program Society at Beijing Standard College, invited College students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, New Zealand, France and Thailand to a 17-Day time shooting in the Chinese language program Budget. Every will make a 10-Moment film of Social exploration.

The Beijing Occasion is Component of a nationwide project, which Consists of 101 overseas film College students from 36 Universitys in 25 Nations, to make their productions in 13 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China.

Founded in 2011, Searching China has Turn into an Very important System for cross-border communication Between University College students. When President Xi Jinping visited Singapore Final 12 months, he Pointed out the project in his Voice for its significance Advertising interSocial communication.

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