Jue Dai Shuang Jiao by Gu Long

 Jue Dai Shuang Jiao by Gu Long

Jue Dai Shuang Jiao (绝代双骄), a.k.a. The Legendary Twins, The Twins, Handsome Siblings, Legendary Siblings, The Twin Heroes, or Incredible Twins (and other Comparable variations) is a Wuxia novel by Gu Prolonged. It
was Composed Among 1966 and Feb . 1969. It Experienced a Complete of 126 chapters. The plot is Centered on a pair of twin Siblings who Had been Divided at Delivery and raised Below Distinct Conditions. This resulted in
a Awesome Distinction Among their characters and personalities. They Very first saw Every single other as enemies, but Progressively Grew to Grow to be Good friends and At some point acknowledged Every single other as Siblings.

Jiang Feng (江枫) and Yan Nantian (燕南天), who Had been respectively Identified as Most Handsome Guy on Earth (天下第一美男子) and Most excellent Divine Sword on Earth (天下第一神剑), Grew to Grow to be sworn Siblings. When, Jiang was
Hurt Throughout a misadventure and was rescued by the secretive Yi Hua Palace (移花宫) in Xiu Yu Valley (绣玉谷). Each of the Youthful mistresses of the palace, Yao Yue (邀月) and Lian Xing (怜星) fell in Adore
with the flirtatious Jiang Feng and entrusted him with all the Defense and Adore they could. Even so, Jiang Feng Do not like the two mistresses In spite of their Natural beauty as they Had been Very cruel. Rather,
Jiang Feng fell in Adore with the slave Lady Hua Yuenu (花月奴) and Shortly Hua Yuenu Grew to Grow to be pregnant with Jiang's Kid.

Even so, their romantic Romantic relationship Do not Final for long and At some point both of them died Soon after their twin Kidren Had been born. Yao Yue brought A single of the twins with her Whilst the other twin was supposedly
Used TreatMalest of by Jiang Feng’s sworn Sibling Yan Nantian. Yan pursued Jiang's servant who betrayed his master all the way into the Villains' Valley (恶人谷) to Look for vengeance. He lost the Kid to the 10
Villains (十大恶人), the most notorious of all the villainous figures who dwelled in the valley. Ironically, the 10 Villains Decided to make the Kid their disciple and 'nurture' him into Getting the worst
villain Actually.

After Additional than a decade, the pair of twin Siblings Experienced grown up into two Good Youthful Males. Hua Wuque (花无缺), who was raised by Yao Yue, Experienced been taught martial arts by her. At the Identical time, Xiao Yu'er (小鱼
儿) who was raised by the 10 Villains, Experienced been taught sActuallyal tricks and Belowhand Methods by them. When, Xiao Yu’er ventured into the Jianghu alA single, and his adventures led him to his meetings with
sActuallyal Wonderful maidens This kind of as Tie Xinlan (铁心兰), Su Ying (苏樱) and Zhang Jing (张菁), whom he Produced Sophisticated Adore Romantic Associations with. MeanWhilst, the mistresses of Yi Hua Palace Experienced sent Hua Wuque,
whom they Experienced brainwashed, to hunt Cutting and Destroy Xiao Yu'er. In the beginning, the twin Siblings Do not knew Every single other's Identification and Had been hostile Toward Every single other.

Even so, Soon after a Sequence of adventures and Heading Via thick and Slim With each other, the Siblings Progressively Produced a Good friendship In spite of Becoming entangled in Adore triangles with the maidens. Decided to make
the Siblings turn Versus Every single other, Yao Yue Compelled Hua Wuque to challenge Xiao Yu’er to a Battle to the Passing away, but Xiao Yu’er consumed Prescriptions to fake Passing away. After his apparent Passing away, Yao Yue unsuspectingly
revealed her Original Bad intentions to make the twin Siblings Grow to be enemies and Destroy Every single other. The duo then recognized Every single other and the novel ends on a Content Be aware with the twin Siblings Becoming Eventually
reunited and acknowledging Every single other.

Key Characters

Xiao Yu’er (小鱼儿) – the son of Jiang Feng and Hua Yuenu. He was raised by the Ten Villains in the Villains’ Valley as an infant, and trained to become an even more evil villain than...

Good characters

Gu Renyu (顾人玉) – nicknamed ‘Jade-faced Divine Fist’ (玉面神拳). He was honest and simple, often turning red when embarrassed. He practiced his family’s martial art ‘Gu Family...


Jiang Biehe (江别鹤) – the primary nemesis of Xiao Yu’er. He was originally Jiang Feng’s servant, formerly known as Jiang Qin (江琴). Jiang Feng treated him as though he were his blood...

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