Key Characters

Xiao Yu’er (小鱼儿) – the Boy of Jiang Feng and Hua Yuenu. He was raised by the 10 Villains in the Villains’ Valley as an infant, and Qualified to Turn into an even Far more Bad villain than them. His Encounter and
Entire body was Included with cuts and scars, but he Nonetheless has a Type of charm which Allows Each and eExtremely Girl who Experienced met him Prior to unable to Neglect him. He was intelligent and witty, and Properly-versed in Medication and the
Skills of theft, sTriumphdling and disguise. Despite the Truth that he was not an Specialist in mSkillial Skills, his wit and clever Althoughts Usually Aided him to escape from Risk. When he Very first met the Truthful Hua Wuque, he realized that
his tricks Have been useless on him so he StSkilled out to abandon the Abilities taught to him by the villains. He StSkilled out to Study from his uncle Yan Nantian, Getting a Typeidable mSkillial Skillist. Despite the Truth that he Typically
pretended and Worked like a Poor Guy, he was in Truth a Gentle-heSkilled and Sort perBoy.

Hua Wuque (花无缺) – the tTriumph Sibling of Xiao Yu’er. He was the successor to the Yi Hua Palace, and the only male in the palace. He was Comparable in Physical appearance to his Dad Jiang Feng, who was dubbed as ‘The
Most Handsome Guy on ESkillh’. He was Properly-respected by fellow pugilists for his prowess in mSkillial Skills, taught to him by Yao Yue and Lian Xing. He was a gentleman who respected Ladies and behaved in a
graceful and polite Method. His Real Emotions and perBoyality Have been Typically concealed and suppressed Within him, Till he met Tie Xinlan and Xiao Yu’er, when the 3 of them Obtained into a Adore triangle, which
Induced him to Turn into lost in his Emotions. When his Instructor Yao Yue ordered him to Destroy Xiao Yu’er, he was Extremely unwilling to do so. Right after the Siblings acknowledged Every single other, he Transformed his surname to
‘Jiang’ (江).

Tie Xinlan (铁心兰) – the daughter of Tie Zhan. She was Extremely Gorgeous in Physical appearance, and Seems to be Gentle-heSkilled, but was Really Extremely Powerful-willed and rash, even to the Degree of Getting Extremely stubborn
at Instances. She inherited the sDestroy ‘Berserk Hundred Hits’ from her ancestors, which Permitted her to Battle in a berserk mode when Determining to perish With each other with an enemy. She fell madly in Adore with Xiao
Yu’er who treated her Extremely Poorly In the beginning, but Afterwards she fell in Adore with Hua Wuque who Experienced Powerful Emotions for her. She StSkilled to be Included in a Adore triangle with Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wuque, Typically Attempting to
End them from Obtaining into conflict, which Induced her to Really feel Extremely miserable. At some point, she met Su Ying who managed to Assist her resolve her Troubles. Throughout the Last showdown In between Xiao Yu’er and Hua
Wuque, she Made the decision to entrust herself to Hua Wuque, Deciding on to commit Committing suicide by consuming poiBoy, but was Afterwards revived by Su Ying.

Su Ying (苏樱) – the foster daughter of Wei Wuya. She was spoiled as a Kid, Hence she was Extremely arrogant, Chilly and anti-Interpersonal. She Do not know any Type of mSkillial Skills at all, but was Properly-versed in
Medication and the Skill of laying traps. Her intelligence enabled her to manipulate Many Specialists In accordance to her wishes. Her Gorgeous Physical appearance and Chilly, indifferent aura Have been Extremely Comparable to Each Yao Yue
and Lian Xing, Hence the reaBoy for Wei Wuya to adopt her. Although her Splendor was not Ideal, her otherworldly Methods Have been Far more than make up for it and Permitted her to charm Anybody, Which include the seducer Jiang
Yulang. She was Extremely straightforward and outspoken Concerning Adore Issues, and when she met Xiao Yu’er, she Made the decision to Stick to him Permanently to Triumph his heSkill. She was Significantly Far more intelligent than Xiao Yu’er,
knoTriumphg how to Work In accordance to his mood, Hence Creating her Xiao Yu’er’s only Adore Attention and the only perBoy who could Handle him. In the Last duel In between Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wuque, she Attempted to poiBoy
Hua Wuque to Enable Xiao Yu’er to Triumph, but Xiao Yu’er Subjected her Plan, angering her. She left him in anger, but eventually returned to him and they Have been married.

Yan Nantian (燕南天) – nicknamed ‘Preferred Divine Sword on ESkillh’ (天下第一神剑). His prowess in swordplay was unmatched in the Jianghu. His sword aura could be felt from a Range, and he could even shave a
perBoy bald Whilst standing in Entrance of him Not having the latter noticing Something. He was Sort-heSkilled and although he Experienced a Large stature, he was not as Powerful as he seemed to be. He was Typically dressed like a
beggar. He StSkilled to be sworn Siblings with Jiang Feng, whom he shared a Near Romantic relationship with. He was ambushed by the 10 Villains in Villains’ Valley, and lost his powers. He was brought Back again to Existence by Wan
Chunliu, Below the pretence of Utilizing him to Analyze his new Prescription drugs. Despite the Truth that he Experienced lost all his powers, this was in Truth the trigger which Permitted him to master a Effective sDestroy he Experienced been prWorkicing for a Prolonged
time. As This kind of, he regained his powers and Really StSkilled to be invincible. He Experienced all aProlonged been Xiao Yu’er’s Part Design and idol.

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