Kwai Lun-mei finds joy in 'Beautiful Accident'

With Blue Gate Crossing, Solution and Dark Coal, Slim Ice, Taiwan actress Kwai Lun-mei has Revealed her Attention in indie Films.

But the upcoming romantic comedy Stunning Automobile accident has Used the award-Successful actress on a seemingly Industrial route.

The Function, Arranged for a nationwide Launch on Aug 12, is Getting jointly Created by Chinese language program studio Huayi Kin and South Korean Organization Showbox. The Account narrates a Challenging Attorney's Path as she experiences
a Vehicle crash and wakes up to Discover herself transformed into a housewife.

Her Day-to-day Lifestyle switches from competing Versus rivals in Courtroom to Getting Vehiclee of two Kids and a Partner In spite of not Understanding her new Family members Previously.

"The Movie explores Lifestyle's possibilities. For most Folks, they Could possibly In no way have the Possibility to 'Come to be Somebody else,'" Kwai Stated at a Current promotional Occasion for the Motion picture in Beijing.

In the Motion picture, Kwai's character experiences desperation at Earliest to Uncover joy After.

"It turns out to be a beautiful accident," Wi Ding Ho, the Chinese language program-Malaysian director, Stated of the Motion picture's Name.

Other than Kwai, the cast Consists of Chinese language program stars Chen Kun and Wang Jingchun.

The Motion picture also has South Korean boy Strap Exo singing the theme Music in Mandarin.

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