Legend of the White Haired Demoness (Bai Fa Mo Nu Zhuan)

  Legend of the White Haired Demoness (Bai Fa Mo Nu Zhuan)

Bai Fa Mo Nü Zhuan (白发魔女传), also Recognised as Romance of the Light Head of haired Maiden, The Bride with Light Head of hair or Legend of the Light Head of haired Demoness from its adaptations, is a Wuxia novel serialized by renowned novelist Liang Yusheng In between August 5, 1957, and September 8, 1958. It is closely Associated to An additional two Operates 7 Swords of Mount Heaven (七剑下天山) and The Swordsman in the Mountain Pass (塞外奇侠传) as its characters Look in these Books as Properly. There have been a Handful of adaptations of the novel, most notably Becoming the Movie The Bride with Light Head of hair.

The Account Started in the thirteenth Yr of the reign of the Wanli Emperor Throughout the Ming Dynasty. The female bandit Head Jade Luocha (玉羅剎) Lian Nichang was 1st Launched as Becoming an Amazing Female who Shipped justice and punished the Bad. Shortly Right after, the infamous historical Situation of the Palace Assault (梃击案) Happened in the Imperial Palace, in which Many officials Had been implicated in a plot to overthrow the Emperor and Had been executed or imprisoned, Which includes the Dad of the protagonist Zhuo Yihang. Zhuo managed to expose the Reality At the rear of the mysterious case and cleared his Dad's Brand.

Zhuo Yihang passed by Mount Hua In which he met a Lovely Youthful maiden and fell in Adore with her. The Pursuing Evening, Zhuo joined the Imperial Guards in the Fight to Eradicate the female bandit Head Jade Luocha and her followers. Nonetheless, Zhuo was shocked to Find out that the Youthful maiden was Truly the Jade Luocha Lian Nichang, and Created a startling Find outy that the Imperial Guards Had been Truly spies from Manchuria. Zhuo and Lian defeated the enemy with their Mixed Endeavours. They met Yue Mingke, a Army officer who was also an Specialist in martial arts. After a duel with Lian Nichang, Yue realised that he and Lian Had been from the Very same sect. They struck up a friendship Right afterwards.

Subsequently, Zhuo Yihang, Lian Nichang and Yue Mingke went on Many heroic adventures and befriended An additional pugilist Brandd Tie FeiProlonged, whom Lian acknowledged as her godDad. After the Passing away of the Taichang Emperor, who was Wiped out by the Red-colored Supplements, he was succeeded by the Youthful Tianqi Emperor. The chief eunuch Wei Zhongxian and the Emperor's wet nurse Madam Ke seized the Chance to usurp Energy and Manage the Imperial Courtroom. Wei sent Federal government troops to Eradicate Lian Nichang and her bandit followers, as Properly as framing patriots for treason to consolidate Energy. Zhuo, Lian and Yue Performed Important roles in disrupting Wei Zhongxian's Bad Programs. Meanwhile, Zhuo Yihang officially assumed his Article as the Head of the Wudang Sect and he Desired to be with Lian Nichang Permanently. Nonetheless, Wudang Experienced a hiAccount of conflict and enmity with Lian Nichang, so Zhuo's Wudang followers opposed the Romantic relationship and collaborated with the Federal government troops to destroy Lian's bandit stronghold.

After the destruction of the bandit stronghold, Yue Mingke was devastated by the Deprivation of his Adorer Tie Shanhu and Getting Witnessed so Very much bloodshed. He left and travelled to Mount Heaven In which he studied martial arts and Later on Discovereded the Mount Heaven Sect. He Grew to Turn out to be Recognised as Reverend Hui Ming (晦明禪師). left Right after that and travelled to Tian Shan In which he Grew to Turn out to be a monk Below the Brand ‘Hui Ming’. At the Very same time, the Adorers Zhuo Yihang and Lian Nichang Had been Becoming torn apart by Zhuo's Position in Wudang and the hostility In between Lian and Wudang. Zhuo Yihang Created a Incorrect Choice by turning Towards Lian Nichang Throughout the Fight In between Lian and Wudang forces.

Lian was heartbroken and left. Her hair turned white Right after she woke from a Prolonged Rest. Stressed out by her Deprivation of youth and Attractiveness, she travelled to Mount Heaven In which she led a reclusive Lifestyle. Later, Lian Created her Brand in the Mount Heaven Area by upholding justice and challenging Specialists to fights and defeating them. She Grew to Turn out to be Recognised as the Light Head of haired Demoness. Zhuo Yihang Experienced Turn out to be obsessed with Lian Nichang and he turned hysterical Right after Dropping her. He journeyed to Mount Heaven and Eventually Discovered her. He begged her forgiveness but she was unwilling to return to him anymore. Zhuo would not give up and Started his Prolonged Wait around for the sacred flower to bloom, as the Morning it blooms would be the Morning he would be reunited with his Adore.


Main characters

Lian Nichang (练霓裳) – the female protagonist of the novel. She was formerly a bandit chief nicknamed Jade Luocha (玉罗剎), famous for robbing the rich to aid the poor. She fell in love...

A comment on this story

Yu Luo Cha was once asked why she didn't disguise herself as a man in order to keep a low profile during one of her journeys. But she laughed and replied that she wanted to bring glory to all those...

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