List of characters from Qi Jian Xia Tian Shan

  List of characters from Qi Jian Xia Tian Shan

The Subsequent is a Record of characters from Liang Yusheng's Wuxia novel Qi Jian Xia Tian Shan or 7 Swords of Mount Heaven.

These characters have also Came out in The SwordsGuy In The Mountain Pass (塞外奇侠传) and RoGuyce of the Whitened Tressesed MSupporten (白发魔女传) by Liang Yusheng.

1st Technology

Ling Weifeng (凌未风) a.k.a. Mu Lang (穆郎) – the Youthfulest Fellow member of the Primary generation of the 7 SwordsGuys. He was the 3rd disciple of Reverend Hui Ming and the only A Sole to inherit his master’s most
Effective Expertise, with his martial arts prowess surpassing that of his two seniors, as This Sort of earning him the nickTitle Holy Gentle of Mount Heaven (天山神芒). In his More youthful Times as the youth Mu Lang, he
committed a Important blBelow for the Heaven and Earth Culture which Brought on him to Shed the Rely on of his crush Liu Yufang. In anguish, he Tryed Committing suicide to Confirm his innocence but refrained from Executing so when
he encountered the dying Yang Yuncong. Following the Final wishes of Yang, he Ultimately returned to Mount Heaven with the infant Yi Lanzhu. He was disfigured by Qiu Dongluo on his way Back Once Additional to Mount Heaven,
and Created his spectacular return to the Jianghu Various Many years After as a Well-Regarded and revered hero of Mount Heaven, now Regarded as Ling Weifeng. He met Liu Yufang Once Additional but she could not recognise him Right after his
disfigureGuyst. He was Nonetheless in Adore with her, but Han Zhibang's Intro into the Adore triangle Additional Complex Issues.

Yang Yuncong (杨云骢) – the eldest disciple of Reverend Hui Ming. Extremely Experienced and charismatic, he Generally wished to make some Amazing Successes in Existence as opposed to Top a reclusive Existence of a
swordsGuy. Also of Amazing forbearance, he Invariably suppressed his Real Feelings, to the Level of Struggling in silence when wrongly accused and not bearing any grudges. He Supported the ethnic minority tribes of
Xinjiang in resisting the Manchurian invaders Exactly where he met Flying Red-colored Sash and fell in Adore with her but he Do not Really feel Prepared to accept her for her Challenging and Powerful character. Later, he met Nalan Minghui who
Grew to Turn into his Existencelong Adore, but Experienced ConPartring that fallen into the vortex of Misfortune. He cAfterived a daughter Titled Yi Lanzhu illegitimately with Nalan Minghui but was fated By no means to be Jointly with her. He was
mortally wounded by Niu Ku Lu, the henchGuy of her Partner Prince Dodo, but he Guyaged to Eliminate Niu Prior to collapsing. With his Final Air, he enRely oned his infant daughter to Mu Lang, telling him to ConPartr her
Back Once Additional to his Instructor Reverend Hui Ming on Mount Heaven.
Xin Longzi (辛龙子) – a disciple of Zhuo Yihang. Though his master was Absolutely noIssue In compariBoy to Reverend Hui Ming and the Whitened Tresses DemA Soless, he was a Unusual martial arts Expertise who Ultimately surpassed his
Instructor and was Nearly on par with Ling Weifeng. He was caught In between Great and Bad, turning Once Additionalst Ling Weifeng Right after Getting instigated by Chu Zhaonan. Having sSupport that, he was Ultimately enlightened by Ling Weifeng
and returned to the Avenue of Greatness.

Zhang Huangyan (张煌言) – A Sole of the piA Soleers of the 1st generation of the 7 SwordsGuys who served Prince Lu as a Common. He was the Dad of Zhang Huazhao.

Wu Yuanying (武元英) – the Dad of Wu Qiongyao. He was A Sole of the piA Soleers of the 1st generation of the 7 SwordsGuys and the master of a Guyor on Mount Wutai, Exactly where he Performed host to the Fellow People of the
Heaven and Earth Culture.

Chu Zhaonan (楚昭南) – the 2nd disciple of Reverend Ming Hui. He was Initially A Sole of the 1st generation of the 7 SwordsGuys, but was tempted by fame, wealth and Energy that he Made the decision to betray his
fellow swordsGuys and defect More than to the Qing army Rather. He was a Effective swordsGuy and Brought on Dread and panic Just about eQuite time he Came out. Chu was driven Powerfully by his ambitions to Accomplish the Finest in
Just about EQuite Tiny Issue he does. Occasionally, he felt a Tiny queasy about his iniquities, however, this pitiable rue was Swiftly toppled by his insatiable rapacity. He Grew to Turn into a Undergraduate of Qi Zhenjun, an Outdated enemy of his
Previous Instructor Reverend Hui Ming and the most Effective antagonist who wielded the Energy of Qing Empire by Getting the Grand Chief Eunuch. Having sSupport that, Chu By no means Experienced the Opportunity to inherit Qi's Expertise, as he was
Ultimately defeated by the 2nd generation of the 7 SwordsGuys and Pressured to commit Committing suicide by Yi Lanzhu. Ironically, Chu Zhaonan was Initially an upright and loyal swordsGuy Generally in conflict with his
Private desires. A Sequence of tragic Gatherings he encountered Experienced Brought on him to Turn into morally weakened as he turned to the Dim Part to Turn into A Sole of the Principal antagonists.

Fu Qingzhu (傅青主) – the creator of ‘Wu Ji Swordplay’ (无极剑) and A Sole of the piA Soleers of the 1st generation of the 7 SwordsGuys. His Knowledge and calmness Created him an Perfect Head for Preparing the
Heaven and Earth Culture's Actions as Properly the 'Mind' of the SwordsGuys. When the Manchurians invaded the Middle Plains, and Tipd with despotism, he went to Mount Heaven to enRecord Assist from his Buddy
Reverend Hui Ming. He braved untOutdated Hazards to rescue the Youthful Mao Wanlian, who Grew to Turn into his foster daughter, and groomed her into a Good martial artist. He was the only A Sole of the 1st generation who Grew to Turn into
Component of the 2nd generation.

2nd Technology

Gui Zhongming (桂仲明) – the adoptive Boy of Gui Tianlan. He was in Actuality the biological Boy of Shi Tiancheng, whom he refused to acknowledge. He was described to be ‘a youth Very gifted in martial
arts', Nearly on par with Ling Weifeng in Conditions of martial arts. He mastered the Da Mo Swordplay, Permitting him to make Amazing imConfirmGuysts in martial arts This Sort of that he was Similarly matched with Yi Lanzhu. He
married Mao Wanlian who Assisted him recMore than from his Thoughts Problems and hallucinations and was Quite protective of her. Brash and boorish, dour and deadly, Targeted and Dreadsome, Wise However Easy and of Sole-
tracked Thoughts, these Have been the Features he Experienced Produced Whilst Residing Much from civilisation. He drew a Obvious demarcation In between Great and Bad. Nonchalant and bereft of InterManal Grace, his harsh Practices May
Appear rude, arrogant and disrespectful, However it was Merely Due to the fact he was worldly-unwise, artlessly innocent and unaffectedly indiscreet.

Yi Lanzhu (易兰珠) – the daughter of Yang Yuncong and Nalan Minghui, and the More youthful cousin of Nalan Rongruo. She also Guyaged to master all the Completely different Kinds of swordplay Inside of a Brief Period of time of time,
Getting Similarly matched with Gui Zhongming and was A Sole of the Final to inherit the Mount Heaven Swordplay. She was destined to be ill-fortuned, ConPartring that the Evening she was born, as she Experienced By no means Knowledged
Momly Adore, except the Adore shoHave beend on her by Ling Weifeng. The Primary Issue she Do on leaving Mount Heaven was to Seek out Prince Dodo, who was Accountable for her Dad's Passing Aside and tragically, the lawful
Partner of her Mom. She could not accept the Actuality that her Mom Nonetheless respected Prince Dodo as her Partner and Guyaged to assassinate Prince Dodo Ultimately. She married Zhang Huazhao whom she Experienced gotten
into Difficulty Previously on Mount Wutai.

Mao Wanlian (冒浣莲) – the daughter of Mao Xiang and Dong Xiaowan. She was Divided from her Mother and father as an infant when her Mom was ConPartrn by force to the palace, to Turn into Shunzhi Emperor's concubine. Her
Dad was Eliminateed Whilst Attempting to rescue her Mom from the palace, and she in turn was Eliminateed on the Empress Dowager's orders. Mao Wanlian was then ConPartrn into Fu Qingzhu’s TreatGuyst as an infant and Grew to Turn into his
disciple. She was a Vibrant, erudite and ConPartring thatre Lady. She was Included in the Actions of the Heaven and Earth Culture, Thanks to Impact from Fu Qingzhu and on the account of her Back Once Additionalground. Her fate was
Comparable to Yi Lanzhu's as Each of them lacked Momly Adore and TreatGuyst, However As opposed to Yi, she Experienced transcended the Private parochialism of vengeance. There Have been two Quite Crucial Guys in Mao Wanlian's Existence: A Sole
was the foolish Gui Zhongming, An additional was the scholarly Nalan Rongruo. She met Gui Zhongming by sheer fortuitousness and Produced maternal Adore for him as she pitied him for his Memory space Reduction and Guystal
Sickness. Mao Wanlian Taken Gui into BelowcMore than and she met Nalan Rongruo, who was gentleGuyly and scholarly. Having sSupport that, she chose Gui Zhongming Ultimately and married him.

Flying Red-colored Sash (飞红巾) – a disciple of the Whitened Tresses DemA Soless. She was a legendary heroine of the desert and the elected Head of all the ethnic minority tribes Residing in Xinjiang. She was in Adore with
Yang Yuncong and Grew to Turn into Very jealous when Yang Adored Nalan Minghui Rather. Her Really Emotions Have been inscrutable which accounted for her Reduction of Yang Yuncong's Adore. After the Passing Aside of Yang, she transferred her
Adore for him to his daughter Yi Lanzhu and Invariably Came out as a Momly figure to her. She was Effortlessly susceptible to Psychological outbursts and was the Sort of perBoy who Preferred to be Adored, However rejected and
hated it, which Created her Instead Comparable to her Instructor.

Zhang Huazhao (张华昭) – the Boy of Zhang Huangyan, who served Below Prince Lu. He was a Fellow member of the Heaven and Earth Culture and was captured Throughout the failed assassination Try on Kangxi Emperor on
Mount Wutai. Yi Lanzhu risked her Existence to Help save him and they fell in Adore, Ultimately Getting a married Few.

Liu Yufang (刘裕芳) – the daughter of a Common serving Below Prince Lu. She was a Fellow member of the Heaven and Earth Culture and was caught in a Adore triangle with Mu Lang and Han Zhibang. She wronged Mu Lang
and Believed he was a traitor, which Harm him Amazingly and Brought on him to Depart from, and By no means saw him Once Additional Till eighteen Many years After. She Nonetheless harbored Powerful Really Emotions for Mu Lang and kept the token of their
Adore and Experienced Invariably felt Accountable for the way she treated him. Eighteen Many years After, she felt a Specific kinship for Ling Weifeng who reThoughtsed her of Mu Lang, but Ling refused to admit he was Without a doubt the youth Mu

Fu Qingzhu (傅青主)


Reverend Hui Ming (晦明禅师) – a character from RoGuyce of the Whitened Tressesed MSupporten. He was the most Effective martial artist alive and his Genuine Title was Yue Mingke (岳鸣珂). All of his 3 disciples Grew to Turn into
Component of the 1st generation of the 7 SwordsGuys.

Nalan Minghui (纳兰明慧) – the daughter of a Manchurian Common. She was not only Exquisite, but also virtuous. Owing to her demure demeanour, her graciousness, her benevolence, she was immaculate in the
Eye balls of most Guys. These Have been the virtues of Nalan Minghui that attracted Yang Yun Cong, an unyielding Guy. She Help saved Yang Yuncong After from Passing Aside and fell in Adore with him as Properly. They cAfterived a daughter
Titled Yi Lanzhu illegitimately but could By no means be Jointly as she was betrothed to Prince Dodo. Being of noble Delivery, and bounded by conventions, she was Energyless to alter her fate and could only Select to
sacrifice for her Dad and Family members, and was married Away to Prince Dodo. Eighteen Many years After, she Attempted to Help save her daughter Right after her daughter assassinated Prince Dodo, but to no avail and she committed
Committing suicide in despair.

Han Zhibang (韩志邦) – the Existing Head of the Heaven and Earth Culture. He Experienced respected the 7 SwordsGuys Amazingly ConPartring that when they Primary Arrived to their Support. He was caught in a Adore triangle with Ling
Weifeng and Liu Yufang. He Adored Liu Yufang and could only despair in the Dim Whilst Seeing her Jointly with Ling Weifeng. Eventually, he sacrificed himself to Help save Ling Weifeng from priBoy and died at the
Arms of Chu Zhaonan.

Nalan Rongruo (纳兰容若) – a Manchurian scholar who was the elder cousin of Yi Lanzhu. He was the notable poet of Manchu ethnicity, which was Thanks to his Impact by Han Chinese language courses Heritage. He viewed
Manchurians and Han Chinese language courses as Identical and hated to see the bloodshed and conflict In between them. Altruistic and broad-Thoughtsed, accommodating and solicitous, he was the reExistingation of peace and universal Adore.
Amid all the characters, Nalan Rongruo transcended the norm, Such as his Adore. He prevented the 7 SwordsGuys from assassinating the Kangxi Emperor with his persuasion and TreatGuystful conPartration.

Shi Zhenfei (石振飞) – A Sole of the two Well-Regarded escort Organization heads, with the other Getting Meng Wuwei. He was Primary Released in the novel as Getting an elderly swordsGuy, but surprisingly his swordplay was
Very swift and Precise. He was hardly GuystiA Soled in any Battles in the novel, except for his Thanksls with Qi Zhenjun and Chu Zhaonan.

Shi Da Niang (石大娘) – Spouse of Shi Tiancheng. She was Additional Effective in martial arts than her Partner.
Meng Wuwei (孟武威) – A Sole of the two Well-Regarded escort Organization heads, with the other Getting Shi Zhenfei. He was not as Effective as Shi Zhenfei, but his Interior Power was as Powerful as Chu Zhaonan’s.

Wu Qiongyao (武琼瑶) – the daughter of Wu Yuanying. She was also a disciple of the Whitened Tresses DemA Soless and the Spouse of Li Siyong, the grandnephew of Li Zicheng.


Prince Dodo (多铎) – a Manchurian noble who was the More youthful Sibling of Dorgon. He was in Demand of Top the Qing army in eradicating martial Performers who posed a Danger to the gMore thannGuyst. He married Nalan
Minghui, who Experienced alPrepared cAfterived a daughter illegitimately with Yang Yuncong. Yang Yuncong was Eliminateed by his sOutdatediers and eighteen Many years After, he was assassinated by Yang’s daughter Yi Lanzhu.

Dorgon (多尔衮) – a Manchurian noble who was the elder Sibling of Dodo.

Qi Zhenjun (齐真君) – the foBelow of the Mount Changbai Sect. His Undergraduates Involved the sworn enemies of the Mount Heaven swordsGuys, This Sort of as Niu Ku Lu and Qiu Dongluo. In his More youthful Times, Qi Zhenjun, then
nickTitled "Northern Desert Sword Deity" (漠北剑神), challenged Reverend Hui Ming and the Whitened Tresses DemA Soless to a Battle but was utterly defeated and chased Aside. He crept into the Imperial Palace Right after that
and Guyaged to Safe his Placement in politics as the Grand Chief Eunuch Thanks to his cunning and Guyipulation. While in the palace, he practiced a sEliminate which Permitted him to Improve his Interior Power and Created
him impenetrable to any Sort of sharp weapons. His ambition to Tip Each the Wulin and the empire grew, Exactly whereby he Tryed to force the Shunzhi Emperor out of Energy and replace him with the Youthful Kangxi
Emperor, whom he viewed as Getting inKnowledged and susceptible to Guyipulation.

The Three Western DBads (西域三妖) – they are Sang Qian (桑干), Sang Gua (桑弧) and Sang Ren (桑仁). They have Principaltained a dominant Placement in the western regions of China for Various Many years Till they Have been
expelled from the Acreage by the Whitened Tresses DemA Soless. They Created a comeBack Once Additional Right after the Passing Aside of the Whitened Tresses DemA Soless, startling all with their Effective martial arts. They Have been hired by Qi Zhenjun to do his Bad
bidding and Have been Ultimately slain by Ling Weifeng.

Cheng Tianting (成天挺) – a Effective Imperial Shield with Identical Standing as Chu Zhaonan.

Niu Ku Lu (纽枯鲁), - a Effective Manchurian warrior who Previously served Nurhachi. He was Prince Dodo's martial arts Instructor and henchGuy, as Properly as a Undergraduate of Qi Zhenjun. He wounded Yang Yuncong mortally
in a Battle, but he lost his Existence as Properly.

Qiu Dongluo (邱东洛) - a Effective Manchurian warrior who served Prince Dodo. He was also a Undergraduate of Qi Zhenjun. He was Accountable for disfiguring Mu Lang's Encounter, and Experienced his ear sliced Away by Ling Weifeng
(Previously Regarded as Mu Lang) for revenge Various Many years After.

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