Main characters

 Main characters

Lian Nichang (练霓裳) – the female protagonist of the novel. She was formerly a bandit chief nicknamed Jade Luocha (玉罗剎), Well-Recognised for robbing the Abundant to Help the Bad. She fell in Adore with Zhuo Yihang, but was in conflict with the Wudang Sect which Brought on them to be divided. She was disappointed with Zhuo Yihang for betraying her Adore and her Frizzy hair turned Whitened Right away, and she henceforth Started to be Recognised as the White Haired DemA singless.

Zhuo Yihang (卓一航) – the male protagonist of the novel. He was a Fellow member of the Wudang Sect and SoA singler or later Started to be its Head. His grandDad and Dad Have been Each officials but he Do not Realize success them. He fell in Adore with Lian Nichang but Experienced to be Divided from her as his Wudang Sect Experienced an intense hatred for Lian Nichang. Lian Nichang believed he Experienced betrayed her Adore and she left him. Zhuo Yihang was Even now in Adore with her and believed that A single Evening she would return to him, the Evening when the flower blooms.

Yue Mingke (岳鸣珂) – the 2nd male protagonist of the novel. He was a disciple of Huo Tiandu and was a Army officer who SoA singler or later turned Versus the Federal government. He befriended Zhuo Yihang and Lian Nichang and went on Many adventures with them. Soon after the Fight at Mingyue Valley, he left for Mount Heaven Exactly where he As a final point settled Right down and Started to be a monk Recognised as Reverend Hui Ming (晦明禅师) and founded the Mount Heaven Sect.

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