Nanjing event seeks solutions to global problems from artists' perspective

The privately funded Nanjing Intercontinental Good art Festival is calling for Operates from Performers Viaout the Planet for its 3rd edition to be Kept from November to Feb ., aiming to Locate and cultivate Performers in
and Outdoors China.

It Strategies to Displaycase 800 pieces Distributeted by 400 Performers from all More than the Planet, cMore thaning paintings, sculpture, installations, Movies and Pictures.

About 10 million yuan ($1.49 million) will be Offered to participating Performers as awards.

Following the Display, some of the Operates will Start a Planet tour in Urban centers like Tokyo, Paris and New York.

Good Performers can Take a look at to Distribute their Operates by Aug 1.

Started out in 2014, the Yearly art festival in Nanjing, the Budget of Jiangsu province - a A single-hour trip by Substantial-Pace Educate from Shanghai - is funded by collector Yan Lugen and his Nanjing-Dependent Genuine estate
Organization, the Lekyuen Team.

From this Yr, the art festival will turn biennial, says Yan.

Aiming to make it "China's Venice Biennial", Yan Mentioned in 2014 when the art festival was initiated he would invest 3 billion yuan in 6 Yrs in the art festival.

Yan, who started his Personal collecting in the 1990s, has a Big Amount of masters' Operates The two from the East and the West.

In 2014 and 2015, the Nanjing Intercontinental Good art Festival Experienced a Part Named Homage to Masters to Show Yan's Selection to the Community.

The Operates Incorporated pieces by Picasso, Rodin, MA singlet, Renoir and Gaugin, which Assisted attract a Great deal of Attention in the exhibition.

The theme of this Yr's art festival is Scarcity and Provide.

Lu Peng from Middle Academy of Good Good arts and Letizia Ragaglia from Italy will jointly curate the Display.

A committee of 7 international art critics will Assist the curators Choose Operates for the Display.

Speaking on the theme, Lu says the art festival tries to Existing Performers' positions, attitudes and opinions on Nowadays's Planet. The theme is also about focusing on the Issues facing the Planet and to Look for
Options from an artist's Point of view.

In 2015, the art festival's theme was A Eye-catching New World to Talk about globalization. It Acquired Operates from 8,000 Performers from about 40 nations and regions.

Speaking of what he Wishs to Obtain with the Occasion, Yan says: "Via the Nanjing Intercontinental Good art Festival, I Wish to Construct an influential Manufacturer to fuel the Growth of China's art. I know it won't be
Simple and I have a Lengthy Path to go."

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