Ni Kuang, a prolific Chinese novelist and screenwriter

Ni Kuang, a prolific Chinese novelist and screenwriter

Born Could possibly 30, 1935 (1935-05-30) (age 74)
Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Occupation novelist, screenComposer
Genres Wuxia, Science fiction

Ni Kuang (also Regarded as Ngai Hong, I Kuang or Yi Kuang) (Chinese language courses: 倪匡) (born Could possibly 30, 1935 in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China) is a prolific Chinese language courses novelist and screenComposer, with Additional than 300 Released martial
arts and science fiction Books and Additional than 400 Motion picture scripts. He is the Sibling of An additional Preferred romance novelist, Yi Shu.

Born as Ni Chong (Chinese language courses: 倪聪), he grew up in Shanghai. He worked as a Community Protection Standard in the 1950s in Interior Mongolia Prior to Relocating to Hong Kong in 1957.

His science fiction Tales, which have been enjoyed by generations of juvenile Visitors in Hong Kong, Commonly Carry the Type of Secret - at the Finish the unexplainable is Usually explained by pointing to the
doings of extraterrestrial Lifestyle. The most Well-known heroes in his science fiction Tales, which have been adapted into Television dramas and films, are Wai See-lei (or Wisely 韦斯利) and Yuen Tsang-hop (or Dr. Yuen 原
振侠). In their adventures, critics of communism are Typical. Wai See-lei was born in a wealthy and Conventional Large Loved ones, Someplace in the south-eastern Area of Yangtze River. Right here he was Skilled with Numerous
Sorts of martial arts. He Started to be an orphan Earlier, but he has no Fiscal Worries. Soon after he Experienced grown up, he moved to Hong Kong, Obtained married with the daughter of the Mind of underground Culture, and his
adventures Started to be Global, Occasionally even intersolar. Wai's Tales Carry Very first Man or women narrative.

Ni Authored Numerous scripts for Shaw Bros Studio, and Usually co-Authored scripts with Chang Cheh, Which include hits This kind of as 1-Armed Swordsman, The Assassin and Crippled Avengers.

Ni Assisted Jin Yong to Compose episodes of his martial arts Books when Cha was Hecticing himself with other Company; and, In accordance to the Past due Wong Jim, that was the Cause why Cha, dissatisfied with Ni's Usually
wild extemporisations, Experienced to revise his Books. It is Regarded that Ni Experienced Composed at Lowest an extFinished episode in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, when Cha was out on holidays In another country, Despite the fact that A good deal of it was excised
in Cha's Very first revision. Ni, Although Assisting Cha Compose a chapter Although he was Hectic, Produced A Zi, a character from Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, blind in the Tale. Cha has Considering that re-edited his swordfighting Operates.

Ni Kuang Past duer migrated to the United Says in the 1990s and has Ongoing his Crafting Job there. In 2006, Ni and his Spouse moved Back again to Hong Kong after he Marketed his Residence in the United Says.

Ni Kuang's Boy Joe Nieh Operates in the Amusement Business in Hong Kong and is the boyfriFinish of Vivian Chow.

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