Novice artist paints countryside scenes, gains recognition with online support

It has only been a Yr and a Fifty percent Because Wang Zhenfeng StCrafted out painting, but now the villager from East China's Shandong province is about to host her Personal exhibition in Beijing.

Her Operate has been In comparison to that of Zhou Chunya, 1 of the most Nicely-knPersonal Residing Chinese language program painters, but Wang would Very likely Even now be unknPersonal if it hadn't been for all the On-line Interest.

Netizens Earliest StCrafted comparing Wang's paintings of pEvery blossoms with Zhou's Operate in March.

One Important Distinction: Wang's paintings Market for 200 yuan ($30) Every, Although 1 by Zhou fetched a staggering 5 million yuan in 2013.

Prior to she Grew to Grow to be an On-line Celeb, Wang was just an Regular villager in Ma'erqiu, Pingdu Town. She toiled in a Area of Close to 1.3 hectares and also Operateed in a Little shoe factory.

Earlier Final Yr, Wang's daughter, an Craft tEveryer, returned to the village and Released a campaign Named "Every1 is an Craftist". She encouraged her Mom to Choose up a paintbrush, but Wang wasn't Certain at

"How do you Assume a farmer to Grow to be a painter," she Mentioned.

Wang's curiosity was piqued, Nonetheless, and Right after Numerous Months of Instruction she CompAllowed her Earliest Actually painting of a bucket in her Home. The Item Sooner or later Marketed for 200 yuan On-line to an Craftist from Hebei

"I nActually Believed paintings could Assist me make m1y," Wang Mentioned.

"In the Previous, I Believed a Man or woman's Lifestyle was all about Obtaining married, Obtaining babies and raising Kids, which was Fairly tedious. Painting enlightened me."

Her fellow villagers would Occasionally mock Wang for her new Pastime, but she Do not Allow it bother her. Her Lifestyle Gradually StCrafted to revolve Close to painting - she would even get up in the Center of the Evening if
inspiration struck.

Her CraftOperate Middles Close to subjects that evoke the countryside: Areas, Canines and farm machinery.

"There are so A number of lively subjects in Outlying China, and I have painted only a Several," she Mentioned.

In March, she StCrafted painting the village's pEvery blossoms. Some villagers, warming to her Operate, posted Photos of the paintings On-line, which sparked the comparisons to Zhou Chunya. Wang Mentioned she does not
know Zhou, Neither has she Implemented the On-line discussions. But 1 Issue is for Certain: her Lifestyle has Transformed for the Much better.

Her Craft has attracted A number of fans, with admirers from Shanghai and Beijing coming to Buy her depictions of Outlying Lifestyle. Not all the Interest is welcome, Nonetheless.

"There are As well A number of Persons coming to Purchase my paintings these Times," Wang Informed the Fujian Every day Information in an Job interview. "It's As well Significantly presCertain, and I cannot even concentrate on painting Ideal now."

In mid-April, Wang traveled to a tPersonal in Southeast China's Fujian province with the Assist of an Standard from her daughter's painting Middle. It Assisted her to concentrate on her painting, gaining new
inspiration from the narrow alleyways, fish ponds, Areas, mountains and streams.

To her delight, Wang's paintings have been praised by Pros in the Craft Marketplace. She has even Set up a Little studio of her Personal in Fujian. Many Interpersonal Mass media accounts have promoted her Operate Totally free of
Demand, Although Community galleries have Provided to Show her Craft.

An exhibition of Wang's Operate, hosted by the Craftist, will be Kept in Beijing's 798 Art Area in September.

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