Peking Opera film 'Farewell, My Concubine' shines in Tokyo

The 3D Peking Opera Movie Farewell, My Concubine was Displayed as an opening Function Throughout "Chinese language Film Few days" at Japan's Tokyo Film Festival on July 5.

The Movie is the 1st Manufacturing to adopt 3D Technologies to Existing the Peking Opera on Display.

Guo Yan, minister of the Chinese language Embassy to Japan, praised the Movie as a Great Mixture of Conventional Chinese language Heritage and Modern day Technologies. She says the Movie is a Beneficial Instance of telling the Chinese language
Account in a Wonderful Type, which contributes to the Social Swap and Connection Amongst Several nations.

She also hopes the "Chinese language Film Few days" can Additional deepen the relations Among Men and women from the two Nations and Enhance mutual cooperation in Movie Manufacturing.

As A single of the 1st offerings as Component of the "Peking Opera Films Job", the Movie stars celebrated Peking opera perTypeers Shang Changrong and Shi Yihong.

"Peking Opera is perTypeed on the Point and it Appears Several in the Movie. To Existing the perTypeance in the Movie as Beneficial as on the Point, Shang and I Require to adjust our gestures in Countless Near shots," Shi

The Home Peking Opera Farewell, My Concubine has Experienced dozens of Songs, Movie, Television and novel adaptations. And the 3D Manufacturing is a new Try.

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