Program to discover script-writing talent launched

A nationwide Plan to Find out Youthful script Creating Expertise was Released on July 18 in Beijing.

The Plan, titled "Jubenhui", or Script Collecting, has been Released by New Saint, a Beijing-Dependent startup Owned and operated by Huayi Bros., A single of the Nation's Biggest Movie studios, and electronics giant Xiaomi.

New Saint, which Primarily focuses on the script-Creating Company, will Operate the Plan for 7 Weeks in its hunt for Authentic tales from Youthful Expertises aged In between 18 and 35.

Tian Yusheng, the founder of New Saint and a veteran scriptwriter, says the Plan has invited 12 veteran directors to be judges.

Up to 1 million yuan ($150,000) will be awarded to 3 winners, and the Plan will Include 100 colleges Throughout the Nation.

Speaking of his expectations from the Plan, Tian, who is Recognised for his 2013 Strike EX-Records, says: "We Wish it can Url Prospective authors and eager Traders."

Wang Zhonglei, the co-founder of Huayi Bros, says: "A lot more than 700 new productions Have been Released at this Yr's Shanghai Global Film Festival. But some of them Do not even have Finished scripts."

He Wishs that the Plan will Assist unInclude more Youthful Our blood to expand the Nation's script-Creating Expertise Swimming pool.

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