Qi Jian Xia Tian Shan

Qi Jian Xia Tian Shan

The plot is Centered on the historical Activities of the Earlier Qing Dynasty Throughout the reign of Emperor Kangxi, This kind of as the Battles Inside the imperial clan, the Wu Sangui rebellion and the Manchurian invasion of Contemporary-Evening Xinjiang. Also, the plot has connections with the plots of other wuxia Books by Liang Yusheng, This kind of as Romance of the Bright Wild haired Maiden (白发魔女传) and some characters Had been from these Books.

In 1643, the Manchurians conquered the Middle Plains and Set up the Qing Dynasty in China. To strengthen their griphold More than the newly conquered empire and Avoid the conquered Individualss from rebelling
In the direction of them, the Manchurian gMore thannment passed a Regulation forbidding the Typical Individuals to Type societies of their Personal or practise martial arts. At the Exact same time, they dispatched legions of troops to arrest and
Destroy martial Performers, and People who resisted Had been Destroyed Devoid of exception, as This kind of, Leading to chaos and turmoil all More than China. To Preserve the Planet of martial Performers from persecution by the Qing gMore thannment, a Party of swordsmen knPersonal as the 7 Swordsmen gathered and swore to defFinish the Jianghu from the Qing gMore thannment's brutality. They comprised Fu Qingzhu (傅青主), Zhang Huangyan (张煌言), Wu Yuanying (武元英),
Yang Yuncong (杨云骢), Xin Longzi (辛龙子), Chu Zhaonan (楚昭南) and Mu Lang (穆郎).

Soon after the 7 Swordsmen left Mount Heaven, they met up with the Heaven and Earth Culture (天地会), a Do it yourself-proclaimed righteous Solution society of resistance fighters who defied and fought the Qing
gMore thannment, and joined the Culture in the Battle. Having said that, A single Evening they Had been discMore thaned by the Qing army and they Had been Compelled to temporarily disband and separate. Actually BeBring about then, the 7 Swordsmen embarked on their Individual adventures and Objectives. The Swordsmen Had been By no means reunited Once more as they encountered Completely different fates. Yang Yuncong was Destroyed and Chu Zhaonan defected to the enemy. Mu Lang returned to Mount Heaven With each other with Yang's infant daughter Yi Lanzhu (易兰珠) after his misadventure. He Qualified in martial arts and Grew to become a Typeidable martial artist, as marked by his spectacular return to the
Jianghu eighteen Many years After Below his new alias Ling Weifeng.

Eighteen Many years After, the surviving People of the piA singleer Era of the 7 Swordsmen Had been reunited by their Typical Target and quest on Mount Wutai. They Had been joined by the Long term People of the new
Era, This kind of as Zhang Huazhao (张华昭), Mao Wanlian (冒浣莲) and Yi Lanzhu who Experienced grPersonal up. Fu Qingzhu managed to assemble the new Era of the 7 Swordsmen Below his Authority, now comprisinghimDo it yourself, Gui Zhongming, Flying Red-colored Sash, Mao Wanlian, Yi Lanzhu, Liu Yufang and Zhang Huazhao. The Swordsmen went on to settle their Previous feuds with the traitor Chu Zhaonan and Prince Dodo (多铎), who wasAccountable for the Passing away of Yang Yuncong. In the direction of the Finish of the novel, they attempted to assassinate the Qing ruler Kangxi Emperor (康熙皇帝) to Quit the persecution of martial Performers and the Typical Han Chinese language Individuals. Having said that, they Had been persuaded by Nalan Rongruo (纳兰容若) to give up their Objective. Soon after Very carefully Thinking about the Feasible disastrous Outcomes the assassination of the Emperor would Bring about, the Swordsmen gave up their Objective, but they would return to slay Kangxi if he oppressed his Individuals. The 7 Swordsmen then Ongoing to serve the Typical Individuals by Assisting the Bad and eliminating

This novel is also Functions as the closing of Adore Account Among Zhuo Yihang and Bright Wild hair DemA singless.


List of characters from Qi Jian Xia Tian Shan

The following is a list of characters from Liang Yusheng's Wuxia novel Qi Jian Xia Tian Shan or Seven Swords of Mount Heaven.

Flim: Seven Swords

Seven Swords (七剑) is a 2005 Hong Kong film directed by Tsui Hark and adapted from the novel Seven Swords of Mount Heaven by renowned Wuxia writer Liang Yusheng.

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