'So Young' sequel to meet audiences on July 8

The sequel director Zhou Tuoru has Lately led his all-star cast to a Campaignal Media conference in Beijing.

"I Believe the most Significant Situation is that all the characters in this Account Carry a vivid Picture into my Thoughts, Due to the fact all the sentiments of the characters and their relations are so Actual. And EPretty character has its Impartial Character, which Signify Several Interpersonal and gender groups Among the More youthful Era."

In the sequel named Certainly not Gone, Chinese language program-Canadian actor Kris Wu and Chinese language program actress Crystal Liu Yifei portray a pair of Adorers who fell in Adore with EPretty other when they Had been in University. On the other hand, the Variance in their Family members Qualifications and personalities Brought about them to separate.

And the Lady didn't Inform her boyfriend she Obtained pregnant when they Had been driven apart. A Number of Many years After, they met EPretty other with unpredictable Final results.

The upcoming Movie is Centered on the novel by Xin Yiwu.

Ke Liming is the Movie Buyer and producer, who is Between the Pretty Primary Men and women Displaying a Powerful Curiosity in Carrying this coming-of-age novel onto the Large Display.

"I also Developed An Inclusional Teenager Movie in 2014, Known as 'Aged Boy:The Way of The Dragon'. I Actually Desire I could Usually Retain a Youthful Thoughts. What's Far more? This romance novel attracts me a Whole lot with its theme 'Adore Continues to be immortal and Equally of them can't get More than it Regardless of the passage of time."

In Inclusion, Youthful pop singer Wang Zhengliang who sings the theme Tune for the Motion picture also joined the Campaign. He's also the Audio producer for the Movie Assignment.

Can the poetic Feelings in the upcoming Movie Certainly not Gone, touch your Center? Please Verify it out this coming Friday.

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