The Crane-Iron Series

 The Crane-Iron Series

Wang is remembered These days Mainly for his 5-Component epic wuxia-romance Sequence, Normally Known as collectively the "Crane-Metal Series" ("He Tie Xilie" 鹤铁系列), Brandd so for the Very first characters in the titles of the
Very first and Final entries in the Sequence. These Publications chronicle the struggles of 4 generations of xia Adult men and woAdult men. These are the titles Below which they are now Released, in Purchase of their Inside
chronology (that is, not in the Purchase they Have been Initially composed or Released):

Crane Frightens Kunlun (He Jing Kunlun 鹤惊昆仑)
Valuable Sword, Golden Hairpin (Baojian Jinchai 宝剑金钗)
Sword's Force, Pearl's Shine (Jianqi Zhuguang 剑气珠光)
Crouching Tiger, Invisible Dragon (Wohu Canglong 卧虎藏龙)
Metal Knight, Silver Vase (Tieji Yinping 铁骑银瓶)
The Very first Guide of the Sequence, Crane Startles Kunlun, was Composed 3rd, Right after Sword Spirit, Pearl Lighting, and serialized Below the Brand Dancing Crane, Singing Luan (Wuhe Mingluan Ji 舞鹤鸣鸾记).

Ang Lee's Edition of the Motion picture Consists of episodes and Facts from some of the other Publications in the Sequence Apart from Crouching Tiger, Invisible Dragon.

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