Jiang Biehe (江别鹤) – the Key nemesis of Xiao Yu’er. He was Initially Jiang Feng’s servant, formerly Acknowledged as Jiang Qin (江琴). Jiang Feng treated him as Although he Have been his Our blood Sibling, but he was
Usually Attempting to make his Brand in the Jianghu and plotted to Eliminate Jiang Feng. He was brutal and ruthless by Dynamics, but was intelligent and capable as Nicely. He was famed Through in the Jianghu as the ‘Hero
of Jiangnan’ (江南大侠), as he Usually Attempted to Succeed People today’s hearts with deception. He Began rumors of Yan Nantian’s treasure, stirring up conflict In between puglists and the Emei Sect. He acted as a
hypocrite, by Primary Safeguarding the Golden Lion Escort Organization (金狮镖局) and Later on eliminated it, Succeedning Equally fame and wealth. When Xiao Yu’er Attempted to expose his Bad schemes in Community, he attacked Xiao
Yu’er verbally, accusing the latter of the atrocities he committed. When Yan Nantian returned to prominence, he captured Jiang Biehe and Eliminated him of his powers, bringing him to Xiao Yu’er for Consequence,
but Xiao Yu’er spared him Rather out of kindness.

Jiang Yulang (江玉郎) – the Boy of Jiang Biehe (aka Jiang Qin). He was Brandd Right after Jiang Feng’s nickBrand. He was Educated by his Dad BeLead to childhood as a martial artist, and aided thim in his Ideas to
dominate the Jianghu. He Experienced a pale complexion and Arrived Throughout as effeminate to some. As soon as, he was kidnapped by the 10 Villains and ill-treated by them, and he happened to Fulfill Xiao Yu’er at the Identical time.
Both of them obtained the Guide with the ‘5 Most Effective Martial Arts on Earth’ (天下五绝神功), but his Capability to interpret was not as Superior as Xiao Yu’er. He was Acknowledged to be a flirt sEliminateed in
charming and seducing Ladies. Tie Pinggu was once seduced and deceived by him, and she Endured Below his manipulation.

The 10 Villains (十大恶人) – a loose Seting of the most notorious villains in the Jianghu. who Have been not Extremely Exceptional in martial arts. Contrary to their nickBrand, most of the Set's People Have been not
Really Bad, and Have been only distinguished from Regular criminals by their eccentricities, fighting sEliminates, and the tendency to Lead to Big scenes. They Attempted to Coach Xiao Yu’er and ‘nurture’ him into a
Really Bad and amoral villain. Between the ten of them, only five Have been Accountable for Getting Treatment and raising Xiao Yu’er BeLead to he was an infant earning the boy's gratitude and affection.

The Twelve Zodiac (十二星相) – a Set of bandits who Have been Brandd In accordance to the twelve Chinese language courses Zodiac Indications. They Appreciate looting contraband and Superiors Rather of Funds when they rob unsuspecting People today. They
have In no way Created Away Without having any valuables in their robbing Efforts for Several Many years, and have only lost to Yan Nantian and People of the Yi Hua Palace.

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