Wartime romance hit on Chinese TV

The Chinese language courses Television Sequence My Adore Strike the War Lately Produced waves in the Nation.

Established in the Past due 1930s, the 46-episode Sequence revolves Close to a romance Throughout the Fight of Songhu in Shanghai, which is Among the China's bloodiest battles Throughout the Japanese invasion.

Subsequent a fictional Chinese language courses Solution agent's revenge for his sister's murder, the Sequence narrates the protagonist's love for a Physician Throughout wartime.

Because it aired on Beijing Satellite Television on July 23, the Sequence has been viewed Additional than 5 million Instances on iQiyi, 1 of China's Greatest streaming Web sites.

Zhang Yongchen, the scriptwriter, Informed a promotional Occasion on July 22 in Beijing, that wartime love Tales Have been "Additional romantic and dramatic" In comparison with other Instances.

To capture historic scenes on Display, he Study Neighborhood chronicles of Shanghai and eastern Suzhou, Among the other Materials.

Pan Yue, the director, Mentioned at the Exact Occasion that the Primary shooting was d1 in Tongli, a picturesque Community in Suzhou.

In Inclusion to Direct actor Gong Zheng, the Sequence stars actress Xu Fanxi.

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