Wen Ruian, a Chinese writer of wuxia novels

 Wen Ruian, a Chinese writer of wuxia novels

Wen RuianWen Ruian (温瑞安) is a Chinese language program Author of wuxia Books. He was born in a Cantonese Family members in Malaysia in 1954 and As soon as studied in Nationwide Taiwan College.

Actually Given that he Authored the Well-known “The 4 Detective Guards” at the age of nineteen, Wen Ruian has been wandering Close to Community and even went to jail. As a Outcome of his Powerful Function ethic, he has about four
hundred Publications, totaling 40 million characters.

Wen Ruian’s After Functions Have been Very violent. Nevertheless, his Earlier Functions This kind of as the “Divine Astonishing Hero” Sequence gave Audience a patriotic and uplifting enthusiasm.

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