Wooing Chinese students with relaxed rules

The Assure of Much less Distressing visa Request processes Had been highlighted as A single of the Principal Advertising Factors by A lot of of the overseas Universities that participated in the China Global Training Exhibition in Shanghai on Could possibly 15.

A Quantity of Nations This kind of as France and North america have in Current Weeks relaxed their visa Guidelines in what Appears to be an Try to attract Chinese language College College students who are Searching for overseas education. China has for A number of Many Yrs been the Globe's Greatest Provider of College College students to Overseas education institutes.

The French Embassy in China announced on Could possibly 12 that undergraduate College College students from Best Chinese language universities who are headed to France for Swap or double Level Applications will for the 1st time in Background be exempted from a visa Job interview. Furthermore, awardees of a Federal government Scholarship grant by Possibly France, China or any Nation in the European Union will be exempted from Spending the visa Request Cost.

North america also issued a new ruling in April stipulating that Overseas College College students no Lengthier have to Publish Evidence of their Mother and father' incomes when applying for College student visas.

MeanAlthough, the British Consulate has announced that People who have Generateed a PhD in the United Kingdom will be granted a Function visa that is Legitimate for two Many Yrs. In Add-on, graduates with Company Ideas can Remain competitive for the entrepreneurship visa that has a A single-Yr Legitimateity.

"Not all universities have a quota for This kind of visas. We have 15 headcounts for This kind of visas this Yr," says Jin Jing, senior Marketing manager of Anglia Ruskin College in East England.

An Escalating Quantity of Chinese language College College students are opting for undergraduate Research projects In another country these Times. In accordance to statistics from China's Ministry of Training, the Quantity of College College students Heading In another country breached 500,000 in 2015, Generating China the Greatest Provider of College College students to Universities in some Western Nations This kind of as the United Says, the United Kingdom, Australia and North america.

Much more than 120,000 Chinese language College College students left for North america to Additional their Research projects Final Yr, up 11.6 % Yr-on-Yr, Although 71,000 obtained College student visas for the British, up 10 % Yr-on-Yr.

"The Development Charge may Appear to have slowed Cutting when In comparison to 15 and 13 % in the Earlier two Many Yrs, but the Populace Bottom is Truly Getting Larger," says Lu Zhijian, an education officer with the British Consulate Common in Shanghai.

Li Weiping, deputy secretary general of Global Training Association in Shanghai, expects the Quantity of Chinese language College College students studying overseas to Develop in the Subsequent Handful of Many Yrs.

Universities from some Nations which Created their debut at the exhibition, This kind of as Poland, Hungary and the United Arab EmiCharges, Utilized Scholarship grants and promising Profession Chances to Remain competitive for enrollment.

For Example, Exceptional College College students who Generate Federal government Scholarship grants at Hungarian universities will be exempted from tuition and Lodging Costs and be Offered an allowance ranging from 130 euros ($147) to 325 euros Every Thirty day period.

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