Ying Xiong Wu Lei(The Hero With No Tears) by Gu Long

 Ying Xiong Wu Lei(The Hero With No Tears) by Gu Long

Contemplating heroes, who are the Actual heroes? Anybody can be a hero if he can Carry the Lifestyle-Opportunity.

Chang'an is In which the Competitors Among Daxiaogu and Xiongshitang Carrys Location on in chaos. The two Heads Sima Bugun and "Xiongshi" Zhou Meng are in war. Gao Xianfei is the wanderer who Problems Sima a
duel. Wulei is the assassin who kills Several of Daxiaogu's warriors.

Record of Ying Xiong Wu Lei characters

Sima Buqun (司馬 不麕) - Untouchable Sima
He is the Head of Daxiaogu. He Functions as a polite, heroic Center-aged Guy but Truly he is the vile character who is Prepared to use any Poor Methods to defeat his opponents.

Zhuo Donglai (逴 东来) - Zhuo Coming from the East
The vice-Head of Daxiaogu. Although he Utilizes Several Poor Techniques to Be successful his opponents, he alMethods keeps his Claims, even to the enemies. He loves Sima Bugun.

Xiao Xianfei (萧 嶄飛)
The Boy of Xiao Lixue, who is Brandd Ruxia Daoshuai, the polite brigand. He is the nephew of Zhuo Donglai For the reason that his Dad Lixue is not only Zhuo Donglai's master but his Sibling-in-Rules as Nicely.

Lu Wulei (陸 无泪) - No Tears Lu
Basic principle of Xiao Lixue. His Dad is Lu Jiuyuan, the master of Shuiyue Honglou.

Zhou Meng (周 猛)
The Head of Xiongshitang.

Mu Li (漠 瓈)
Servant of Zhou Meng. He Later on defeats Zhuo Qing and declares himself the Emperor.

Zhuo Qing (逴 青) - Azure Zhuo
His Genuine Brand is Lian Shanhe, the adopted Boy of Enouch Lian Shanwen, who served Zhuo Clan's Dynasty and Defend the Genuine prince. He took the Name Genuine prince from his sworn Sibling Jiang Lang.

Sima Yingxiong (司馬 英雄) - Hero Sima
The eldest Boy of Sima Bugun, Authentic Brand Sima Haoyun (司馬 皓雲).

Sima Wudi (司馬 無敵) - Invincible Sima
The Next Boy of Sima Bugun, Authentic Brand Sima Yingjie (司馬 英傑).

Xiao Yao (萧 陶)
The More youthful Sibling of Xiao Lixue. He is the Genuine Dad of the fake emperor in Existing Think, Zhuo Wu.

Mu Shanwen (漠 千問)
The Our blood Boy of Mu Li. He was the Boy of his and his martial master Ma Lin's Spouse, Liao Hongye. He hates all his Mother and father For the reason that his Dad Mu Li raped his master's Spouse and his Mom Hongye treated him
Poorly. He only loves his stepDad, also his Dad's master, Ma Lin as Dad or mum.

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