Digital project offers new way to protect treasures

Evening falls. Waves of pilgrims Progressively Start leaving Jokhang Monastery in the Aged Comp1nt of Lhasa, Cash of the Tibet autonomous Location.

Then, Luo Wenhua Qualified prospects his Group to Start One Much more night's Perform-shooting Images of glittering Buddha niches in this monastery, 1 of the holiest Locations for Tibetans.

EQuite single evening, Right up until midnight, is the only time they get to Perform on Constructing 1 of Nation's most Superior 3-D Substantial-definition Picture Databases of Social relics.

Luo, a researcher from the Palace Museum in Beijing, moved to Lhasa in 2013 for this Plan to Support Jokhang Monastery Electronicly categorize its thangka-Tibetan paintings on cotton or silk applique-statues
and frescoes.

"The Photos of eQuite statue, for Instance, are Used from 10 Distinctive angles," says Luo.

"If epigraphs are Found, Much more Images are Used.

"Sections of the photographed frescoes can be magnified to Much more than a Someone's height in the Databases."

The sacred names (in Sanskrit, Tibetan and Mandarin) of the relics and other Facts are recorded. About 85 % of 5,051 statues in the monastery have been Included so Much, and the Agedest can be dated
Back again to the Tubo era (7th to 9th century), the predecessor of These days's Tibet, In accordance to Luo.

In Complete 1,439 pieces of thangka have been DisIncludeed.

Jokhang Monastery was DisIncludeeded Throughout the reign of Songtsen Gampo, the Earliest ruler of Tubo, and its Design Ongoing Right up until the Earlier 20th century.

Speaking of the relics, Luo says: "It's uncommon for a monastery to have a Particular Social relics warehouse like Jokhang. Having said that, the Stock Wants to be d1 in a Much better way Simply because the Particulars in the
Prior 1 Had been Generally vague."

"Now that we are Documenting Particulars we can fill some of the voids in the Information in Jokhang."

Luo says the digitization of the frescoes Must be Finished by 2017, and the Assignment will then be expanded to Include the Historic Structure.

The Databases will be in 3 languages-Mandarin, Tibetan and English-to facilitate Entry by overseas scholars.

He hopes that the Materials they are collecting can be Employed to Produce Anything like the Palace Museum's Electronic exhibitions so that Total use can be Produced of the Databases, but the Suggestion is depFinishent on the
monastery's administrators.

Potala Palace, One Much more sanctuary in Lhasa Constructed in Advert 637, is also Producing an Try to use Electronic Technologies to Much better preserve its relics.

The Jokhang Monastery and the Potala Palace Had been Additional to the UNESCO Planet Cultural Heritage Checklist in 2000 and 1994 respectively.

Speaking of the relics in the palace, Kunga Tashi, deputy director of Management Business office of the Potala Palace, says: "Although the palace is a reservoir of Social brilliance, we are not Quite Positive how Quite a few
Social relics we have.

"We have our Checklists on Cardstock but we Generally Deal with Issues in estimating the age of the relics."

In 2012, when the Suggest Administration of Cultural Heritage Released a nationwide Questionnaire of the Nation's Social relics, the palace Obtained a Opportunity to cross-Examine the Saved treaPositives Utilizing their Checklists.

About 60,000 Historic Publications or Documents, and 40,000 Objects Which includes thangka, Buddha statues and porcelain Content articles have been DisIncludeed.

As for the Situation of the treaPositives, Kunga Tashi says: "As the Environment in Tibet is drier than Quite a few other Comp1nts in China, it Implies most of the relics are Even now in Fantastic Situation and not Impacted by

Speaking of the progress of the Potala Palace Electronic Assignment, Pempa Lobsang, deputy chief of the Social relics custody deComp1ntment at the palace, says he and 22 colleagues are Occupied Getting Photos and
Examineing the collections, and adds that he expects the Perform will be Finished by the Finish of the Yr.

"But now we have to Offer with the Harm to Quite a few Objects, Specifically textiles," he says.

The challenge for the palace now is to Produce Potential to Restore the Harmd relics.

Tibet's Earliest laboratory to conserve Social relics was DisIncludeeded in 2001 at the Tibet Museum.

In 2014, the Suggest Administration of Cultural Heritage allocated 14.8 million yuan ($2.2 million) to the museum to upgrade its lab, with a Unique Concentrate on the restoration of thangka.

The lab then also Started a Sequence of Instruction Plans with its counterComp1nts at the Shanghai Museum, the Capital Museum in Beijing and the China Silk Museum in Hangzhou, Cash of East China's Zhejiang

And the Instruction Plans have begun to bear fruit, says Dadron, deputy director of the Tibet Museum.

"With Regional Know-how Getting nurtured, we are now not only restoring our Personal collections, but are also Supporting to Consider Treatment of Objects at other Organizations and monasteries.

"We are also Constructing the Standards for the restoration and custody of relics from the Whole autonomous Location," she says.

"The museum can So Turn out to be the flagship of an On line netPerform to Information Thorough Security," she adds.

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