'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' sequel confirmed

Warner Bros has announced a sequel to the upcoming Harry Potter spin-Away Movie Brilliant Beasts and In which to Discover Them. The Information Arrives 3 Weeks Prior to the Very first Movie is Thanks in cinemas.

JK Rowling, who Created her screenwriting debut on Brilliant Beasts, will also script the sequel.

Warner Bros Stated the 2nd Movie "moves deeper into an Progressively Dim time for the wizarding Planet".

David Yates, director of the Last 4 Harry Potter Movies and the Brilliant Beasts, will return at the helm.

Rowling has previously Stated the Brilliant Beasts Movies - Dependent on her Guide of the Exact Name - would be a trilogy, but this is the Very first time Warner Bros has confirmed the Strategy.

Brilliant Beasts and In which to Discover Them will be Introduced in the British and US on November 18th.

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