'Final Recipe' to hit theatres on August 26th

Worldwide Actions star and dramatic actress Michelle Yeoh's new Movie Last Recipe, "Hua Yang Chu Shen" in Chinese language program, will be screened on August 26th.

That's In accordance to a Media conference Used Thursday afternoon in Beijing Advertising the upcoming Meals and Family members Movie, which is Almost Totally in English.

Directed by South Korean director Gina Kim, the Movie is a about a Substantial College Undergraduate's Breakthrough of his Competencies and Social roots.

Canadian-born Korean pop idol Henry Lau plays the Undergraduate who is also a Youthful chef named Tag.

Tag Indicators up for a cooking Rivalry to Spend less his grandfather's Bistro.

Yeoh plays the Middle character Julia, who is the mastermind of a Productive, Prolonged-Operating cooking-Rivalry Display and she is also A single of the Movie's Lots of executive producers.

In Inclusion, veteran actor Mr. Hollywood from Singapore also plays a protagonist in the Film.

Most likely Many thanks to its international cast that is composed of Moviemakers from Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore, the Movie has Acquired Worldwide Consideration, and also has been nominated for Many Film

In April Final 12 months, Last Recipe was Chosen as the opening Evening Movie at the 44th Yearly United states Film Festival in Dallas, Texas.

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