'Great Wall' of controversy over Matt Damon casting

The Film trailer for the Zhang Yimou-directed The Fantastic Wall was Intended to spark discussion about China-Hollywood Movie collaborations, but Rather is Becoming criticized for Lightwashing Asian Background.

The upcoming fantasy thriller about the Fantastic Wall of China stars Usa actor Matt Damon as the protagonist who battles dragons besieging the wall Constructed to Shield China.

Critics ripped into the trailer, saying that it was An additional Instance of Hollywood racial bias in casting.

Constance Wu, star of the ABC sitcom Clean Away the Boat, posted on Twitter that Hollywood Wants to Cease perpetuating the myth that "only a Light Guy can Help save the Globe. It's not Dependent on True Simple fact."

Other Persons brought up comparisons to The Final Samurai, a 2003 Film starring Tom Cruise, about a retired US Army officer hired to Educate the Japanese Army that, Although critically Been given at the time, was
criticized for featuring a Light protagonist in a Tale about non-Light ethnic Teams.

The Fantastic Wall, Credited for Discharge in 2017, is Extremely anticipated by China-Hollywood watchers as it's Zhang's Earliest English-Dialect Movie and and could be the most Costly Chinese language program Film of all time. It also
stars Andy Lau, Willem Dafoe, Eddie Peng and Pedro Pascal.

The Film, a China-Hollywood co-Manufacturing, will be distributed More thanseas, with its defenders saying that the Program to Market place it In another counAttempt is why Damon was cast.

Nevertheless, some critics countered that Chinese language program co-Funding is not a Reliable Cause for casting Damon as a "Light savior" in the Film.

"Cash is the lamest excuse in the Background of Becoming huGuy. So is blaming the Chinese language program Traders. (POC's [Persons of Coloring's] Alternatives can be Dependent on unconscious bias As well)," Wu Authored on Twitter.

The director Stated in an Job interview with Enjoyment Weekly that the Film is a Hollywood Movie and "Wants to be Created in that Design".

Zhang Stated he didn't want to Alter that Strategy and that there was no Require to do so.

"What I Actually want is to Take Chinese language program Coloring and Social Backdrop to the Globewide Market Via a Movie Dialect that they are Common with," he Stated.

Brian Hu, artistic director at the Pacific Arts Motion, Stated that Hollywood is Nonetheless a Caucasian-dominated Marketplace, and People make Choices that Have an effect on minorities.

"Hollywood is not just a Team of True Organizations, but a Express of Thoughts that a Great deal of Organizations all More than the Globe Attempt to Accomplish. This is Hollywood as a way of domination in Movie," he Stated.

"If you Believe about it that way, even Although this is a Chinese language program co-Manufacturing, it's Quite A great deal Created in a Hollywood mold. It's a Chinese language program co-Generating to Attempt to Accomplish the dominance of Hollywood," Hu Stated.

Mike Le, a Author at pop Tradition advocacy Website Racebending, Stated that the Film is Nonetheless "fundamentally Western with Western Innovative forces, with a Primarily Western Market in Thoughts. Or else, why Movie it in
English?" Chinese language program Funding is secondary, he Additional.

Supporters of the Film have referred to Ghost in the Shell — in which a Japanese Tale with Japanese characters was adapted with Scarlett Johansson in a Primary Part — arguing that Markets in China like
Hollywood stars and want to see them in Huge blockbuster Films.

Nevertheless, Le Stated that response is prejudicial Due to the fact it "assumes that Asian Usas and Chinese language program nationals have the Identical Worries, Merely Credited to shared race. Asian-Usa Worries are Specific to Asian-
Usa Identification."

"It's patently absurd that a tale Established in Old China would Element a Light Guy so prominently, and the only Cause Persons accept it With out blinking is Due to the fact of institutional racism," he Stated.

Raymond Zhou, a Film critic for China Everyday, Stated that for all the progress Created in the Previous 50 percent century, "Hollywood is Nonetheless not Prepared for an Asian Guide, with a Couple of exceptions This kind of as Jackie Chan Motion
Films and Time period pieces Established in China.

"Offered the Express of globalization, this is a deplorable Circumstance," he Stated. "But I Think it is Dependent on the bottom Collection Instead than on artistic or political Thought."

Zhou Stated that he does not Think that all Parts Require to be Performed by Chinese language program actors just Due to the fact the Fantastic Wall is a Chinese language program icon, citing that the monsters in the Movie aren't Chinese language program, However they're Component of
the Tale.

"Political correctness will not Alter Hollywood's casting deComponentment," he Stated. "But it listens to the Market place."

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