'I Love That Little Crazy Thing' to hit theatres

A Movie "I Adore That Small Nuts Issue", or Na Jian Feng Kuang De Xiao Shi Jiao Ai Qing, (那件疯狂的小事叫爱情) has Lately been rescheduled to Strike theatres Close to China this coming Friday.

Director Zou Xian led her Primary cast, Such as Hong Kong singer and actor William Chan Wai-ting and K-pop singer and actress Jessica Jung, Marketing the Movie.

Zou Xian Points out what she thinks of the Part of little crazy Elements would be:

"There are Typically some Little Mishaps that would Generate People today crazy. When all these Little Mishaps Carry Spot simultaneously, People today would Really feel they Knowledge the worst Struggling. If you make an Try to
Alter the Scenario, you Might Discover persistency is a Vital Element in Achievement."

"I Adore That Small Nuts Issue" focuses on a Youthful Guy Jiang Yang, who dreams of Getting a Movie director but Knowledges Several hardships, which Ultimately pushes him onto a crazy Vacation.

William Chan plays the Major Part of Jiang Yang. Chan Mentioned his character is an ambitious Youthful Guy Comparable to his True Lifestyle Do it yourself.

"In True Lifestyle, I Place Perform at Initial Spot. In Add-on to Creating Income, Throughout the Performing Procedure, you Might Experience Guyy failures and Triumph over it. This Procedure also Allows a Youthful boy Develop up into a mature

William Chan Began his Job in Amusement Market at the age of 17 and Started to be Extra Extensively Recognized by Primaryland audiences by 29.

In Add-on, Hong Kong pop star Nicholas Tse plays Jiang Yang's Buddy and mentor.

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