Leo Ku releases new music video for ongoing film

Hong Kong singer-actor Leo Ku has Lately Unveiled a Songs Movie for his new Music "I'll Make It Function" or "Mei Shen Me Bu Ke Yi" in Chinese language courses.

It is also the theme Music for the romantic comedy "I Adore That Tiny Insane Factor" which is now in theatres Throughout China.

Leo Ku's new Music complements the protagonist Jiang Yang's pursuit in realizing his Desire of traveling from Beijing to Hawaii.

In "I Adore That Tiny Insane Factor", Movie editor Jiang Yang Desires of Getting a director, but Those people Desires turn into a nightmare when his assistant, Meng, splices an unlicensed Music into the soundtrack of a
Shortly-to-be premiered Film.

What Tends to make it Even worse is that his girlfriend Luo is on the verge of breaking Away their Romantic relationship.

All these miserable experiences pushed Jiang Yang onto a crazy Quest. Leo Ku's new Music "I'll Make It Function" demonstrates Jiang Yang's determination to tackle all Those people Issues Regardless of Many

Given that the Movie Strike theatres on August 12th, it is Approximated to have garnered More than 30 million yuan in the box Awayice.

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