Post-pop art show coming to Shanghai

Shanghai-Dependent Yuz Museum will Phase an exhibition Named Overpop to Look at the new aesthetics Established in the realm of Modern Fine art in the Article-era of pop Fine art.

On Display will be some 60 Operates in the Yuz Selection and the 20 featured Fine Performers Function with Several mediums Which include Essential oil painting, sculpture, Movie and Efficiency Fine art.

As the Name suggests, the Operates Hold forward the spirit of pop Fine art but Proceed fFine arther to Deal with to the Impact of Web and Electronic Technology.

The exhibition is co-curated by Usa Fine art Vendor and curator Jeffrey Deitch, who is Picking Operates of Fine Performers Dependent in the United Says and Europe; Whilst An additional curator, Karen Smith, who has been in
China pFine articipating actively in the Advancement of Modern Fine art Given that 1979, will Opt for Operates of Chinese language Fine Performers to Carry out a cross-Social dialogue with their Western counterpFine arts.

The exhibition will Operate from Sept 4 to Jan 15.

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