ROK entertainment shares drop on THAAD worries

Write about Costs of Significant Republic of Korea Amusement Businesses that do Company with China plunged on Friday, amid Growing Marketplace worries about the Possible Result of Seoul's Choice to deploy an
Sophisticated missile Safeguard Program.

S.M. Entertainment Co fell by 3.1 %, Although JYP Entertainment Corp dropped by 3.42 % on the ROK's KOSDAQ Store Swap. CJ Corp was Straight down 5.41 % at the Near.

Chinese language Movie-streaming provider Youku Tudou Inc sent a Discover on Sina Weibo on Thursday, saying a Lover Getting together with for the drama Uncontrollably Fond, with the scheduled attendance of two ROK stars in Beijing on
Saturday, was to be postponed Anticipated to "force majeure".

But Youku denied Worries that the ROK's Contract to deploy the Terminal Large Altitude Spot Defense Program would Restrict Advancement Prospective customers for ROK stars and Amusement Companyes.

The ROK's Mass media have reported that Chinese language authorities will Possibly Proceed to curb ROK stars' Actions and Applications in China.

The Condition Management of Media, Publication, R \/ c, Movie and Television set has not commented on the Marketplace speculation.

Chen Shaofeng, deputy Mind at the Institute for Social Establishments of Peking College, Stated the Prepared THAAD deployment will have an Negative Impact on the ROK's Heritage and Amusement Market. "As
A lot as 70 % of South Korea's cultural Market is for the Overseas Marketplace, of which China accounts for Almost 50 %."

Chen Additional that the ROK Amusement Businesses that are heavily Included in China will be the hardest Strike, and that Chinese language Businesses Spending in the ROK will also Endure losses.

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