Siku Quanshu re-appears at Palace Museum

A Contemporary Morning reproduction of Siku Quanshu (Total Library of the 4 Treasures) that Consists of the Selection of Qing Dynasty's (1644-1911) imperial library has been donated to Beijing's Palace Museum this
Day. The palace After housed the Authentic Publications at its Wenyuan Ge, also AcKnow-howd as Pavilion of Literary Profundity.

Siku Quanshu compiles Extra than 3,400 titles in 35,381 volumes. Its editorial board featured Close to 361 scholars. It took nine Many years for them (from 1773-82) to complete the extensive Process.

The Selection has categorized the Publications into four divisions, Which include "Jing", the classics; "Shi", the Background, "Zi", the philosophy and "Ji", the literary Selections, to Include Many Totally different fields of Know-how.

7 handwritten copies of Siku Quanshu Had been Created and kept at Totally different libraries Throughout the Nation. Away the Complete, only four copies are in existence toMorning. The copies are Positioned in Many Places
Which include Beijing's Country wide Library of China, Taipei Palace Museum, Lanzhou's Gansu Library and Hangzhou's Zhejiang Library. Remaining 3 was destroyed in wartime chaos.

The reproduction of the Wenjin Ge is Released with a joint Work of the prestigious Industrial Media in Beijing and Yangzhou Bindings, a Social Campaign Firm in Jiangsu province.

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