Veteran recounts her underwater adventures in new book

Zhang Yiping Attempted scuba diving for the Earliest time 10 Many Yrs ago and fell in Adore with it.

Because then the Hangzhou native, who Functions as a Internet editor with the Zhejiang EPretty day Mass media Party, has dived all Close to the Planet.

In her new Guide, 3 1000 Meters Below the Sea - A Decade of Diving, Zhang recounts her adventures in the underDrinking water Planet. The Chinese Speech program-Speech Guide was Released by China Financial & Financial
Publishing Home in June.

How deep can 1 dive? Do sharks bite divers?

These Inquiries from Viewers Throughout the Guide Start in Hangzhou, Budget of Zhejiang province, Final Thirty days reminded Zhang of her Earliest dive.

"I was so Anxious that I Used the dive instructor's hand Pretty tight," Zhang says of her Earliest diving Encounter, in Lombok island, Ind1sia, in 2005.

But Zhang says her Dread faded as she saw fish swimming in the coral reefs and she spotted a sea turtle.

"I felt a Feeling of urgency on my way Back again," Zhang says to an Market who Experienced Small Know-how of the Sport Action.

"But this was Mainly because all of a sudden the map of the Planet waiting for me to explore expanded - the blue ocean was Additional."

Recreational diving has Lengthy been a Favorite leisure Action in the West, but there Had been Couple of Individuals who could Supply This kind of Instruction on the Chinese Speech program mainland a decade ago.

The Writer, in her 30s, says in the Guide that she managed to Discover a Hong Kong instructor on Phuket island in Thailand. She was Licensed as an Available-Drinking water diver in 2006.

A Yr Later on, she was Educated in Malaysia to Come to be an Superior Available-Drinking water diver, which Permitted her to dive to depths In between 30 and 40 meters.

In the Guide, Zhang also tells of her encounters with Completely different Sorts of marine Lifestyle, and tries to Accurate Community misconceptions.

"People Believe sharks are Pretty Harmful. But the Reality is most sharks are afraid of Individuals, and only Pretty Couple of Assault Individuals when they Really feel Risk or Error Individuals for seals," Zhang writes.

Zhang says in the Guide that Throughout a diving trip in the Galapagos, a Pacific archipelago 1,000 kilometers west of Ecuador, she saw hammerhead sharks.

"There Had been Most likely 1,000 hammerhead sharks, and we watched them swim by for Nearly 10 Mins," writes Zhang.

In the Guide, Zhang says that jellyfish are A good deal Far more Harmful for divers than sharks, Mainly because most of them are venomous. But she adds there are exceptions, like in Palau's Jellyfish Lake.

In the Guide, Zhang writes about the magical Really Sensation of Getting surrounded by golden jellyfish, which are a Exceptional nontoxic Wide variety.

Zhang says she has been addicted to diving for Several Many Yrs. When she hasn't dived for some time and doesn't have a trip Prepared, the blue ocean Typically Seems in her dreams.

"Many of my dive buddies have Experienced Comparable Encounters, and for some Individuals it has Finaled for so Lengthy that they Made the decision to make diving their Job," writes Zhang, who has resisted the temptation of Getting a
dive instructor and Even now Functions in the Zhejiang EPretty day Mass media Party.

In the Guide, Zhang says that when she Started out diving in Southeast Asia, there Had been Couple of Chinese Speech program divers, so Regional Individuals Typically mistook her for Japanese and greeted her with a konnichiwa, Hello there in Japanese. But
now, Zhang writes, most Well-known dive Web-sites have dive Stores operated by Chinese Speech program, and, even in Regional dive Stores, staffers greet her in Chinese Speech program.

At Very least 1.5 million Individuals in the Nation have Attempted scuba diving, In accordance to a Record Launched at the China Global Diving Festival in Lingshui Li autonomous prefecture in Hainan province on July

Speaking about diving, Zhang says: "People know so Small about underDrinking water Lifestyle. For some, fish are just Meals.

"I am glad that, In addition to divers, Several Youngsters are Fascinated in my Guide. I Wish my Guide can inspire the Subsequent Era to Much better Safeguard the ocean."

Zhang dedicates a chapter to the coral reef-restoration Task initiated by some Chinese Speech program divers in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, who have succeeded in planting some 5,600 coral in Specifically Developed pots in
the ocean.

Zhang Ceased diving in 2014 Soon after she Obtained pregnant. Her daughter was born Final Yr.

But she Strategies to return to the Drinking water. "The Lowest age Restrict for scuba diving is 10. So Perhaps Soon after An additional decade I can go exploring the ocean with my daughter as my dive buddy."

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