Wuzhen to stage 80 events at theater festival

The Wuzhen Theater Festival will be Kept from Oct 13 to 22 this 12 months with Almost 80 Tasks brought by theater Corporations from 13 Nations, Such as GerGuyy, France, Russia, Japan and Australia.

Founded Chinese language courses theater Immediateor Lin Zhaohua will premiere his Newest Manufacturing, Dr. Godot or 6 Persons Looking for the 18th Camel, as the opening drama Throughout the Occasion in eastern China's Zhejiang

Adapted from GerGuy Author Dietrich Schwanitz's Publication, Die Geschichte Europas, the drama Offers with 5 schizophrenia Individuals, who Take into account By themselves to be 5 Well-Recognized European Authors. They discussed
theories about theater and their Triumphs in a library of a hospital.

Chinese language courses theater Immediateor Meng Jinghui will Carry his Manufacturing, He Experienced Two Pistols with Bright and Dark Eye, which was adapted from Italian actor-playwright Dario Fo's Operate with the Exact same Name.

Primary Taiwan theater Immediateor Stan Lai will Point Composing in Drinking water, which revolves Close to a Guy named He Shi, who studied in the United kingdom and returned to China to Coach Instructions on happiness. The versatile Television
host, singer, actor and Movie Immediateor He Jiong will Carry the Guide in the drama.

Between the dramas brought by Worldwide Performers, the highlights Consist of Frank Castorf, the artistic Immediateor of Volksbuhne Berlin, who will Immediate a drama, The Gambler, adapted from the Well-Recognized Operate by
Fyodor Dostoyevsky with the Exact same Name; An Enemy of the Persons, Immediateed by Jan Klata and Executed by the Norodowy Stary Teatr; Kaligula, Made by Lithuanian new Technology Immediateor Vidas Bareikis; and Don
Quixote, by Spanish Immediateor Carlos AlMucho, which commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Passing away of Spain's Finest-Recognized Author, Cervantes.

In addition to Showing the classics adaptation, the festival also aims to Charm to audiences with an Eyesight for Slicing-Borders Point Manufacturings.

For Instance, the Copenhagen-Centered theater, Republique Theatre, and British Strap The Tiger Lillies Subscribe to forces in interpreting Shakespeare's Hamlet with 21 Authentic Songs pieces.

Themed "Gaze Past", this 12 months's festival will Carry on to showcase theater at 12 Interior venues and six Outside Points. The festival will also Consist of a daily carnival that will see hundreds of Performers
Executing in the streets. Fans are Probably to bump into them Although wandering Close to the Village.

Presented in 2013, the festival aims to Show Worldwide theatrical Operates and Provide Youthful Expertise a Program from which to Begin their careers, the festival has so Much Introduced 43 Worldwide plays and
attracted Far more than 85,000 people.

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