• Dalongdong Baoan Temple

    Dalongdong Baoan Temple

    Dalongdong Baoan Temple also known as the Taipei Baoan Temple (台北保安宮) is a Taiwanese folk religion temple built in the Datong district of Taipei, Taiwan. The present temple was originally built by clan members in the Tong'an District (同安) who...
  • Xingtian Temple, Taipei

    Xingtian Temple, Taipei

    This very busy temple is devoted to Guan, a famous deified general who lived (A. D. 162-219) during the Three Kingdoms period. A man, who valued loyalty and righteousness above all things, Guangong is worshipped as the God of War; since he was adept at...
  • Dali Tiangong Temple

    Dali Tiangong Temple

    The origin name of Dali Tiangong Temple is Qingyun Temple. It locates at the side of the sea highroad in the village of Dali Township in Yilan. The main God is the God of jade emperor (Sky God) worshiped from the Fuzhou. Because the people in the village...
  • Chinese Top Five Folk Residences

    Chinese Top Five Folk Residences

    When civilization marches into modernization which is usually accompanied by unanimous culture, unanimous architecture and unanimous thoughts, it is seeking suicide. Prosperous this world is, it is empty, for the inner spirits have vanished, bit by...