Regimen: Restrictions in Cooking

It is reported that human often have dull appetite during hot summer but consume much more energy and calories in hot summer than in autumn. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine regards autumn as a right time for human to take in nourishments...

6 Unusual Ways to Better Health with TCM

Ancient Chinese Medical Theories

6 delicious healthy summer smoothies thin

Summer to gain weight for many reasons, the most important one is certainly hard to eat cold.The entrance of the ice cream, iced Sprite Coke brought us fun in the cool, but also increased the daily...

Winter wonderland cake

Chinese food firms look abroad to improve image

Zhang Sanfeng (张三丰):a semi-mythical Chinese Taoist priest

Zhang Sanfeng (张三丰) was a semi-mythical Chinese Taoist priest who is believed by some to have achieved immortality, said variously to date from either the late Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty or Ming Dynasty. His name is said to have been Zhang...

How to Choose a Martial Art

Qigong, A Good Way to Promote Chinese Culture


Cuju is to kick a ball with feet. Cu means kicking with feet, while Ju refers to a kind of leather ball stuffed with feathers. So combined together, Cuju means to play the ball with feet. As a kind of ancient Chinese sport, it is the prototype of...

Kite Flying

Military Sports in Ancient Times